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David Hamel is an expert on Flying saucers and his generator produces perpetual motion and anti gravity, David Hamel is a pioneer in flying saucer technology. His story on how he learned these technologies is quite impressive, David Hamel relates how the extra terrestrials visited him through a kind of astral trip as they took him through their flying saucer and showed David how everything worked. They also related a lot of information to him about magnets and how magnets can be used for many things such as lighting and other devices involving anti-gravity.

David Hamel also wrote a book called The Granite Man and the Butterfly which you can purchase on the internet. Just do a search for David Hamel on or and you will find information on him and his generator, his cone devices, his balls and cone devices and his magnetic machines. David Hamel is a genius and his many sketches on molecular and atomic relationships in magnets and space and plasma are truly remarkable. David Hamel is a flying saucer technician and it's about time that the world realizes that we need men like him to bring us into 2006 and beyond. The elderly and all those who truly need to fly to get around and see the universe can benefit from this man's miraculous discoveries. Anti-gravity is around the corner for mankind and with it will come many incredible times. We will be like Angels flying in the sky with wings with anti-gravity devices fixed to our ankels or wrists.

Weightlessness can be achieved by changing the molecular structure of our bodies, learning this will be the outcome of the many thousands of people interested in David Hamel and many countless others around the globe currently experimenting on Anti-gravity. Like a magnet we are attracted to the Earth, our body is the south pole and the Earth the North, they attract, by reversing our bodies' polarity to North, we will be able to fly, simple as that. Creating a gravitational field around ourselves will enable flight of all kinds and a new era for us to experience heaven, the heavens and heaven on Earth.

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