Vibration Physics is the science of molecular vibration that explains the vibratory rates of all objects solid and not solid.

It is said that every object has a mass chord. A note or frequency of sound if you prefer that is the resonating main chord of that object. Pure crystal has a chord, a piece of solid iron has a chord, finding different chords for different objects can be difficult depending on the complexity of the makeup of the object.

John Worrell Keely knew how to get the mass chord of pieces of iron, he would then sympathetically vibrate the iron music and then strike certain notes that would negate the effects gravity has upon the iron. This would then make the heavy iron weightless, the atoms within the iron would no longer be attracted to the Earth because he switched the polarity of the atoms by striking the right note of music in accordance with the mass chord of the iron. By negating the thirds, sixths, and ninth chords of the iron he could make the iron weightless. Keely would say that gravity is negative attraction to the center of the Earth, therefore I am guessing that he would either reverse the polarity atoms so that the negative of the iron would be facing upward and not downwards towards the Earth so weightlessness could be achieved. Or by striking the notes the negative atoms would lose their power or said another way the negative polarity of the ether would be weakened.

Using an oscilloscope and sound amplifiers one can find the rate of vibrations of certain objects, the key to solving the gravity factor is here at the heart of the matter. Once we know the vibrational rate of certain objects and materials we can build ships that negate gravity, these objects will be far easier to be propulsed due to their zero weight, propellers will suffice for close to ground disc vehicles, for space flight ion propulsers will be better or other means of fast flight such as water implosion devices thought of by Viktor Schauberger.

This is the beginning of a new era for mankind, the coming years will be our years of input into the galactic and universal aspect of life. The Earth will shine in it's inhabitants' abilities to put forth ideas and to send bursts of love far out into the galaxy and beyond. We are many who know of these new and beautiful technologies, implementing them in harmony with Nasa and all parties concerned is an eventuality which is soon at hand. As all people hold hands on Earth and one giant thought of love comes forth a birth of new ideas, technology, and strength for all people of all our races will increase. Anti Gravity is coming, no one needs fear it's arrival it is a natural process of any species or race to get there, no matter what it's negative history, many times the more negative the history, the greater the strength of it's possible future.